Solina Bath Salts
are a balanced combination of unique natural products combined in a way to the maximal beneficial effect on various human organs and systems.

Their composition includes several types of natural mineral salts, specially selected to provide maximal therapeutic effectiveness on the whole body, while the pure, 100 percent natural essential oils render their natural magic power and strengthen the psychophysiological body status.

The production of Salina Bath Salts involves a special two-step purification treatment and their combining with other kinds of salts:
• Special crystalline salts which remove and extract heavy metal compounds accumulated in the body and deposited on the skin;
• Mineral salts which soften the water and neutralize the acids released through the pores (these salts have a soothing effect on the skin of the whole body, maintain it neutral and make it soft, smooth and elastic).

Saline Bath Salts are scented with pure, 100 percent natural essential oils and are coloured in pleasant tones with harmless dyes used in food industry and cosmetics.